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 DA Group allows you to not just to desire but to manifest the plan visiting Canada for just about any of these two purposes. Our professional team makes it possible for all a hassle-free tour with enjoyable memories. The complete Canada tourist visa process would be dealt with by our professional visa consultant team. The tourist visa is given to non-immigrants who have the purpose to keep coming back to their own country once visit term comes to its end and this is the most important requirement of successful visa proceedings.


Crucial Requirements To Get Canada Tourist Visa Or Canada Visit Visa

DA  Group consultant provides its solutions for you to get a Canada tourist visa in Lahore with a trouble-free process. There are a few simple requirements you have to fulfill before you apply for Canada Tourist Visa from Pakistan.

1.>A Legitimate Passport with 6 months validity from your date of entrance in Canada.
2.>You are in good health and have medical clearance.
3.>You have adequate cash or money to pay for your expenditures during Canada Visit.
4.>No criminal records.
5.>Documents or covering letter that referring to the details of the candidate, travel, and information on the other members going with you.
6.>Convince the immigration officers that your intention to stay in Canada for a particular and limited time period and you depart Canada at the conclusion of your visit.
There is absolutely no formal appeal procedure if your application for a Temporary Resident Visa is refused. You are able to apply again. Be sure that you provide any information or documents which were absent from your first application.

There’s two forms of Temporary Resident Visa: a single-entry visa and a multiple-entry visa. Temporary Resident Visas are valid for a preset period of time, whether they are a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. You are unable to make use of a visa after its expiration date.

Single-Entry Tourist Visa
A single-entry visa means that you can enter Canada once. When you turn up at the point of entry in Canada, an official of the Canada Border Services Agency will assure you are eligible to get into Canada. The officer will explain how long you’ll be able to remain in Canada. Six months is the longest period of time you are able to stay in Canada under a single-entry Short-term Resident Visa.

The expiry date-the date by which you need to leave Canada-will be stamped in your passport. For those who have a study permit or a work permit, the same expiry date will be printed on the permit as well. If you leave Canada prior to the expiry date on your single-entry visa, you have to get a new visa to re-enter Canada.

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa
A multiple-entry visa lets you enter Canada many times during the period while your visa is valid. A multiple-entry visa is generally valid much longer than a single-entry visa.

Your multiple-entry visa will express the number of times that you could enter Canada. You have to reach Canada on or prior to the expiry date on your visa. You are unable to get a multiple-entry visa for a period that ends after the expiry date of your passport. In case your passport will end soon, you ought to renew it prior to applying for your visa.

1> For Single Applicant (Single or Multiple Entry) – 295 Cn Dollar

Canada Tourist Visa Processing Time 2019

Right after examining the visa processing time trends of 2019, generally, Canada tourist visa application gets processed within a month. Having said that, it might be more or less based upon the purpose (whether visit for holiday, business purpose or to meet you, family/friends). The number of application also affects the visa processing time as well. To know more about the visa processing time & requirements please fill the inquiry form. How to Migrate Canada

Canada is the most popular tourist spot. It has Niagara Falls, famous ice hockey team and maple syrup. It is the second-largest country but has a very smaller population as compared to the other countries. It has a very beautiful nature, gives their public quality life living and advanced nation who is competing with the world. So, there is a huge demand of people from all over the world to migrate to Canada. Pakistan is one of them. Justin Trudeau is the youngest Prime Minister of Canada and is very famous for his kind treatment towards his public and for the communities living in Canada. It is considered the friendliest country which is welcoming people from all over the world.

Canada mostly demands skilled worker, family sponsorship, provincial nominee and people who are interested in an investment like a businessman because the world is progressing day by day and in the era of advancement only skilled, smart and technical person can give the country a long-term success. As a lot of income is generated by tourism so it is a tourist favorite spot. In order to get a Canadian visa, you need to apply form into the pool of foreign skilled professionals. There are a variety of fields and categories according to your interest. They would consider your application based on work experience, age, education, and language skill. If you are selected, then you could apply for permanent residence. You must meet the Canadian equivalency by providing educational credentials. As a proof of language proficiency, you must submit exam results from the CIC designated institution, tests are like ILETS, TOEFEL, etc. These tests are conducted in your own country at a specific date and time and you need to prepare for it. You have at least attained score up to minimum or more up to maximum requirement to run your visa process faster. A certain amount of money should be shown as net worth.

Every year millions of people apply for a visit visa. Some for travel and leisure but for that purpose you must ensure the officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay. Besides you follow any rule you have great moral values that represent your country values and to ensure a healthy conversation environment with people. You must ensure that you have enough money to maintain yourself and your family members who are at home. You must have no record of any type of criminal activity. You are no threat to Canadian security, and you are in good health. Most importantly only that person can apply whose country is not visa exempted. For traveling and tourism, you must fill the visitor visa application and arrange the required documents. A well planned and complete visitor visa application will increase your chance of recommendation and will save you from the hassle.

In order to apply for a student visa, you must be very much efficient, as it takes extra time after you have been accepted and enrolled in the university of your choice. Basically, a student visa is studied permit you can use study permit instead of a visa. You should apply at least four to six months before your university degree program starts. After you have applied you will wait about 28 days for the decision. You can apply for a visa online or on paper. For paper, you must visit a visa application office in Pakistan to submit your required documents and take your bio-metrics as per record. Depending on your situation your application is analyzed.  They will also call you for a visa interview. You will also have to travel to their Embassy to take the medical exam provided by a certified medical officer and you can take a medical exam from your country as well from their specified and certified institutes. But to apply online is recommended because it saves a lot of time to be wasted and things become compact. The study permit from Canada is valid for up to course duration plus three months plus you need to renew your visa every year. If you want to stay in Canada after your degree is over, you will have to apply for a different visa through the immigration office. You must pay a fee of 150 $CAD depending upon your situation. Canada has top universities of the world and is the world’s most educated country. You don’t need any student visa if your study program is of 6 months or less.

If anyone of you wants to apply for a family visa, then do apply because it has easy visa and immigration policies due to which Pakistanis love to reside in Canada. It requires a separate application form of each applicant, original passport with at least six months validity of photographs and must have one blank page. Copies of old expired passports if present. Photocopy of Nadra issued CNIC, two current photos have a name and your date of birth clearly written at the back of each photo. Also, you must provide the letter of your job, your position and your salary on which you are hired. The details of the family members who are dependent must be provided. The birth certificate of your children below 18 years must be provided. The bank statement of last six months, air ticket reservation along with hotel reservation is provided. If you have an invitation from a sponsor, then you must provide a copy of the passport of the copy of the sponsor and attested invitation letter. You also must show your fixed assets along with wealth proof.

Hope you get the complete information regarding migration to Canada from Pakistan and if required they also take a personal statement. It is a good place to visit, to study and as well as to live because it welcomes people open-heartedly from all over the world and provides you with better opportunities to flourish and prosper. So, you must portray a good image of Pakistan and prove to be the  best citizen which they would like to live in Canada and help you to fulfill your dreams.